Compost Grant Application


All public and private K-12 schools in Montana are eligible to apply for funding. We will be awarding 4 grants for $500 each. The grant application will be open now until September 15, 2024. The school may choose any type of program they desire as long as it implements a waste reduction and composting program. There are several existing school program templates available on the internet.

Applicants and programs must:

  • Describe the project

  • Include a goal and objectives to increase awareness or minimize waste through waste reduction and composting

  • Submit a budget 

  • Identify participants (classroom, grade, student organization, school cafeteria personnel, etc.)

  • Identify desired results, continuity and sustainability (create compost for a school garden, utilize cafeteria waste, use cardboard in composting, create a worm garden, sell compost to the community, purchase BPI certified compostable garbage bags and/or compostable service ware, etc.)

  • Agree to share program information and data with Recycle Montana; grant winners will be asked to share their progress at the midterm of the grant cycle which runs from September 15, 2024 to September 15, 2025.

  Grant Application Checklist

Use the list below to ensure that you have completed the necessary application components before submitting your grant application.

  1. Completed Application Form: 10 points
  2. Written Project Description including the following:
    1. Project Goals and Objectives: 40 points
    2. Project Team and Partners: 20 points
    3. Desired Results, Continuity and Sustainability: 15 points
    4. Budget and Budget Detail: 15 points (extra points for reused materials in compost bins use or construction- 10 Bonus points)
  3. Optional - Supporting Documentation (no more than 3 double-sided pages) such as price quotes, educational materials, plans, project maps, etc.: 10 Bonus points

Complete Online Application below: